39th IACDE National Conference 2024 Mumbai

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About Logo​

The LOGO of the 39th Indian Association of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics National Conference, Mumbai consists of a series of elements depicting the city of Mumbai. The evening skyline showcases all the architectural marvels in the city of Mumbai. It encompasses the most important symbol of ”MAA SARASWATI” The Goddess of Knowledge, that is the main aim of this conference which is to spread and share Knowledge. Our sole objective is to bring to the fraternity the latest scientific progress in our speciality to the forefront using this platform. While great innovations and research are happening the world over one of the most important being “Artificial Intelligence”. Our energised molar tooth image is generated using Artificial Intelligence with an important message FORWARD-UPWARD-ONWARD in our quest for attaining proficiency and expertise which in itself is Infinite. As we progress in this journey of RACE for Resto-Aestho-Cons-Endo we look forward to creating the ultimate stage for sharing ability awareness education and expertise in our speciality.

Welcome to 39th IACDE National Conference 2024, Mumbai

Message From Organizing Commitee

A very warm and grand welcome to everyone on behalf of the entire organising committee of 39th IACDE National Conference, Mumbai. Let us all look forward to an amalgamation of knowledge imbibing days and nights bejeweled with our glamorous culture. We are striving to make this event most enjoyable for you and we hope you will carry this with you as one your fondest memories.